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Self Service Movers, Self Service Moves, and Self Moving Quotes

Self service moving is a great, money-saving option for your move. During a self service move, you pack all of your belongings on your own. Your goods will then be picked up by one of the several moving companies you receive quotes from and delivered to your new home.

Choosing to do a self service move is an easy way to save money during your move. Unlike using full beijing mover serviced, where you have to pay beijing mover hourly costs to pack and unpack your belongings, with a self service move, you do the packing yourself and beijingmover just transports your goods to the destination.

Self service moves are charged by the number of boxes used for the move and by the distance of the move. The main advantage of a self service move is that self service mover will cost a lot less than hiring full service movers. Use to get free quotes from self service for your self service move.

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